Another day of rest

We woke up on our second Sunday to another grey and cloudy day.  It was very fitting, particularly since activity is discouraged on Sunday.  We had planned to do some snorkeling, but the weather precluded that.

So, considering we are who we are, instead of resting, we decided to go for a bike ride.  First we stopped by the Sigrahs, where we found Christina on Skype with Jennifer, and Heisey overseeing.

The computer geek’s services had also been requested.

We stayed and visited for a while, but then the Sigrahs started stopping what they were doing and started bringing out all kinds of food and fruit.  It was lovely, but that wasn’t the intent of our visit.  So we thanked them graciously and went on our way.

I still wasn’t feeling totally 100 percent, so we decided to take it easy.  Of course, for us that meant a 14 mile bike ride.  We stopped at one of the laydown yards that the construction company had.

One fascinating thing to note if I haven’t before – all the utility poles?  Are metal.

We cycled all the way from Lelu, up around the top of the island, through Tafunsak, and finished up near the airport.  Near the marina there was a nice picnic area that had some thatched huts and barbecues.

It’s a perfect place for people to get together.   It was so very strange to wander around both the marina and the picnic area – there wasn’t a soul to be found, even though it was on Sunday.

Of course, it was a seven mile bike ride back to the Treelodge.

Then we rested for the rest of our Sunday.


About Adventurehikes

Roy and I have been married for several years. We're both avid hikers and always in search of new experiences. We've had many adventures, and this blog is my infrequent attempt to document them all.
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