Hermit crab theatre

Saturday morning brought plans for excursions for all of us.  Christina came by for breakfast before heading out with some fellow WorldTeach teachers to climb Mt. Mutente – the second highest mountain on Kosrae.

We were lucky that the Treelodge had wifi, though somewhat unreliable.  When we found it worked, we took advantage of it.  Therefore, Christina found the following scene when she came for breakfast:

“You travel all this way and I *still* find you on your computers?” was her question.  We’re not quite sure we saw her point.

After breakfast, Christina headed off to conquer Mt. Mutente.  Roy and I had another errand to run.  Since our hike to Mt. Oma, my voice had rapidly deteriorated to the point where I could barely eke out any squeaks.  Whispering was driving me crazy.  I’d given it a couple days to get better on its own, but with some major plans for that evening, I decided to bring in the big guns.  So, after breakfast Roy and I cycled to the Kosrae hospital in search of antibiotics.

I had actually been proactive and been to my doctor prior to the trip, and had a Z-pak filled ready to go.  Unfortunately, it was ready to go sitting on the kitchen counter in California, where it wasn’t doing any good.

On the way to the hospital, we stopped to take a safety picture.  This is one of the office buildings in Tofol.

I was pleasantly surprised by the hospital experience.  The buildings were standard for the rest of Kosrae, and fortunately I didn’t have to wait long before being registered.  The nurse took my blood pressure and asked about my symptoms, and then it was only about five minutes before I got to see a doctor.  She told she that she hoped the rest of our trip to Kosrae would be wonderful.

On the registration paperwork, I had indicated that my address was in Lelu.  When the doctor came in he wanted to know where in Lelu, because he lived in Lelu and he didn’t know me (he was satisfied by the answer that I had only been on the island for a week).  He gave me a pretty standard examination, then gave me a prescription to be filled and told me the pharmacy was right around the corner.  He told me to enjoy the rest of our trip.

Literally, that was.  The pharmacy was down the hall and around the corner.  I handed my prescription over and received 10 days’ worth of antibiotics and some cough syrup.  The pharmacist carefully went over the instructions for me and told me that he hoped I felt better and that I would enjoy the rest of my visit to Kosrae.

(You probably noticed a trend here.  Everyone in Kosrae is that nice.  Of course, since there are virtually no tourists on the islands, it’s not difficult to peg us from not being around there.  But everyone would ask where we were from, tell us how they knew Christina, and wish us a wonderful trip.)

Once getting back to the hotel with my medication prizes, we changed and did a little snorkeling, but I wasn’t feeling quite up to par.  Since it was one of those rare days when it was beautiful all day, we didn’t want to waste it.  So my wonderful understanding husband set me up on a beach not far from the hotel and let me explore my camera to my heart’s content while he did some beachcombing.

This bird was at least 50 yards away.

Some views:

Proving we were there:

Then, for my zooming pleasure, Roy found some hermit crabs for me.   I tried to capture how the dominant one asserted themselves and chased the others off.  This was about ten feet away; I had a great time playing with the lens.


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Roy and I have been married for several years. We're both avid hikers and always in search of new experiences. We've had many adventures, and this blog is my infrequent attempt to document them all.
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