Rapid Islands

It was early afternoon by the time we were finished with the cultural demonstration.  In pondering what we wanted to do for the rest of the day, Christina suggested taking us to someplace she had often visited – an area just off Lelu, known as the Rapid Islands.  They’re named such because they are eroding, well, rapidly.

It was a quick bike ride to the edge of Lelu, then wading through a narrow channel to get to the islands.

This is one of my favourite pictures.  That’s a large piece of styrofoam he’s floating across the channel.

We found a friend almost right away.

We then came across some of Christina’s students who attended her literacy program at the elementary school.  They were building a fort.  I took this picture when they didn’t know I had the camera.

Christina said, “Smile for the camera!” and that’s when the signs came out.

Then it was on to what we were there for – finding shells!  Christina had quite an impressive collection, so Roy and I were hoping to find a few of our own.

While we were looking for shells/corals/cool rocks, I took some time to take a few pictures.

These pictures are really good examples of how cloudy and yet how sunny Kosrae can be all at once on various parts of the island.

Roy had a great time finding shells.

That last tree was one of Christina’s favourites; we stopped there and had a snack while watching the sun peek in and out of clouds and the surf endlessly roll in.

We found a number of hermit crabs, often in shells that we thought we were going to take.  Actually, we’d had a couple experiences already where we had brought shells back to the room and placed them outside, just to have them grow legs (literally) and leave overnight.

Christina found a larger shell that also had an inhabitant.  This was one of the larger ones we saw on the trip.

Hours went by quickly, and it was time to leave the Rapid Islands and we waded back across the channel.  But not before a couple last pictures.


About Adventurehikes

Roy and I have been married for several years. We're both avid hikers and always in search of new experiences. We've had many adventures, and this blog is my infrequent attempt to document them all.
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