A cultural experience

We’d learned from our visits to the Visitors Center that a tour group of Japanese students was visiting Kosrae on Friday.  Grant (the head of the Visitors Center) had invited us to come at the same time so we could experience all the crafts and learn more about Kosraean culture.

At the appointed hour, we were there.  Actually, we were there early.  Grant let us stay for the meetings of all the locals before the students arrived (which were conducted half in English, half in Kosraean).  Soon enough, the students were there, and were first taken on a walk up a nearby hill to get a clear view of Lelu.  The guide for the hike?  No other than Hamilson Philip, our “guide” for Mt. Oma.

The Japanese students.  On the way up the hill Hamilson also demonstrated how to set a wild boar trap and pointed out the rainbow eucalyptus trees (they are rather spectacular and I have better pictures of them in a future post).

Hamilson hamming it up for the cameras.

Another of the locals also enjoyed attention.

After walking back down the hill, we went to the Visitors Center, where there were crafts being made.  The setup was very similar to what we’d seen at Utwe Ma.

Making fah fah which we both liked:

They also had an oom:

And woodcarving and weaving.  All of the weaving (the different materials) come from the coconut tree – different fibers from different parts of the tree.

After the displays, we went back to the Treelodge.  The students had already visited there; and for the occasion, Mark and Maria had pulled out a boat made from a ka tree.  We learned more about the ka trees on a couple hikes later in the trip.

The other notable thing from that morning – we did buy the wall hanging that we’d been visiting for the last several days.  One thing we didn’t consider until after bringing it back to the Treelodge – it wasn’t going to fit into any of our luggage (checked or otherwise).  A detail to be dealt with later.


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