The start of a regular day

As got to be our routine in Kosrae, we woke up with a view of the mangroves.  This is (I think) one of the few shots I have of the mangroves with the water filled in.

We decided this morning to have breakfast at the Nautilus Resort, the hotel is short distance (perhaps a quarter mile) down the road.  The Nautilus and the Treelodge are the two nicest places to stay on the island.  Christina had told us to try the french toast, so that’s what we did.

Suitably fortified after breakfast, we took in some sights around us.

Not to mention, for the first time since the day we arrived, it was SUNNY!  This is the beach across the street from the Nautilus.

We were thrilled to finally see some sun!

On our walk back to the Treelodge, there was another small beach.  We walked by this beach countless times during our trip.  There’s a house across the street, but there was rarely if ever any movement.  However, we did see evidence of people living there.  Just imagine having this as your front yard.

We returned to the Treelodge, totally unsure of what we were going to do with our first nice day on the island.  That didn’t last long.


About Adventurehikes

Roy and I have been married for several years. We're both avid hikers and always in search of new experiences. We've had many adventures, and this blog is my infrequent attempt to document them all.
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