Touring Tofol

Tuesday came as we had come to expect, grey and promising rain for the rest of the day.  It was around then that we truly started to comprehend the concept of being on a tropical island – the vegetation is that lush because it rains all the time.

Christina stopped by for breakfast on her way to work.

One of the many pictures I took of the mangrove preserve behind Bully’s.   The views were always lovely.

After Christina left for work, we pondered what to do for the day.  Other visitors at the Treelodge were largely staying in, but rare is the time that rain changes our plans considerably – after all, we did live in Seattle!  So we decided to take a bike ride down to Tofol, the main town on the island.  I call it the “main” town not so much because of size, but due to the fact many central services are located there – the high school, the hospital, and most government offices.

We stopped first at the Kosrae museum.  Sure enough, in typical Kosrae timing, as soon as we hopped off our bikes and got into the museum, it started to rain.  Again.

Understand this is the sum total of the museum – one room.  They had a lot of models of Kosraean items, and some typewritten histories of WWII events on the island.  We also signed the visitors log – the last signatures were from a week earlier.

During a lull in the rain we ventured outside again – it was then I noticed that the state legislature was right next door.

Our next stop was the Visitors Bureau.  We’d heard there were some local crafts there, and wanted to check them out.  They had some both at the Visitors Bureau and the Womens Center, which was right next door.

We met Grant, our tour guide from Utwe Ma, at the Visitors Bureau.  He gave us some ideas on other things we might want to see on Kosrae, as well as told us that on the Friday Kosrae was hosting a group of Japanese students on Friday and there would be a cultual display for them similar to what we had seen at Utwe Ma.  We were more than welcome if we wanted to stop by.  Done!

After talking with Grant, we biked to the power plant, where I had to stop and take pictures partly because I work for a utility but mostly because I’m a geek.

The power plant (no, that’s not opacity; it’s rain drops).

And the substation (as in singular, there is only one on the island).

Then it started to rain (well, it was already raining.  It started to rain harder again).  We decided to go back to the hotel for the rest of the day, and hope that future days would be dryer.

Once we got back, we saw a familiar sight.

Yes, the power was out again.  But fortunately, they wrapped thing up right before 7 or so, allowing us to go to Bully’s and have Roy tell everyone that the power would be on in about 20 minutes.  His legend continued!

Of course, since it was Tuesday night, it was movie night, and we met quite a few other ex-pats during the showing of Rise of the Planet of the Apes.


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Roy and I have been married for several years. We're both avid hikers and always in search of new experiences. We've had many adventures, and this blog is my infrequent attempt to document them all.
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1 Response to Touring Tofol

  1. Marilyn Brown says:

    I love how you didn’t let a little rain detour your plans. I’m actually surprised that there’s a visitors bureau and museum being that it’s such a small place…

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