A flowery welcome

Christina was waiting for us just outside baggage claim – that is to say – right outside the building.  With her was Patricia, one of the staff at Pacific Treelodge, the hotel we had chosen for our stay. Patricia had the van from the Treelodge, so after loading our luggage, we took the 15 minute ride to the Treelodge that served as a mini-tour with the running commentary from both Patricia and Christina (“There’s the bird cave….Tafunsak Village is down there….the Gorge is that way…..here’s the laundromat…..and my house”.  There we were greeted by Maria, one of the owners as well as one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.  They had made us some flower wreaths to welcome us!

Of course, that prompted a new round of pictures.  I think you’ll agree that considering we’d been up for about a day and a half at this point, Roy and I don’t look too awfully tired.

There were other welcoming touches, too.

A quick word about the fruit.  It was wonderful!  While there are about three dozen (I lost count) or so different kinds of bananas there, our favourite find on the island was the green tangerines.  They taste like tangerines with a hint of lime, and are marvellous.  Wish we could find these back home.

At that point it was about lunchtime on Kosrae, and while Roy and I weren’t sure which time zone we were in, we figured food was always a good idea, so we went to the Treelodge’s restaurant, Bully’s, for lunch.

Bully’s is at the end of the boardwalk.   The Treelodge is built by/on a mangrove swamp, and Bully’s is built on stilts at the edge of the swamp.  In this picture it’s low tide; you can see all the mangrove roots pointing up (their best way to get to the fresh water).  At low tide the area fills with brackish water and provides a different, but just as lovely, view.

Bully’s is a restaurant much favoured by the ex-pats on the island; they host Movie Nights on Tuesday and the place is filled.  Along with some traditional Kosraean dishes Bully’s also provides American staples such as hamburgers and french fries.

As we were just finishing lunch, Maria came walking up the boardwalk.  They were having a cultural demonstration at someplace called Utwe Ma.  Would we like to go?

Roy and I looked at each, figured since we’d eaten we didn’t feel that tired, so why not?  Let’s go where the adventure takes us.  So we met Patricia again – Maria had graciously asked her to drive us there – and off to Utwe Ma we went.

This was a portent of things to come – most of our Kosraean adventures came when we weren’t looking for them.


About Adventurehikes

Roy and I have been married for several years. We're both avid hikers and always in search of new experiences. We've had many adventures, and this blog is my infrequent attempt to document them all.
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1 Response to A flowery welcome

  1. Marilyn Brown says:

    The flights alone would discourage me from flying there. I’m betting that the coolers they had were to bring food and staples that aren’t readily available there…marilyn

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